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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 starts with breaking news. >> chaos and violence trying to get american interest overseas is spreading tonight all because of a movie.
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protesters in libya stormed the u.s. consulate. shot one american to death and set the building on fire. muslims are upset over a film made by an american that ridicules the prophet, muhammad. they asked libya's president to arrange for additional security for the americans in the country. >> the husband of a woman killed in police in a high-profile shooting has been found dead himself. workers found culpepper today. his wife, patricia, was found dead in february. that led to a multi-million dollar lawsuit. cook may have been dead for several days. so far, there are no signs of foul play. >> campus controversy. a professor at an american university takes her baby to class and breast feeds in front of students.
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shamari stone joins us outside live. >> reporter: this breast-feeding professor is the talk of social media, the nation and today's campus. >> i don't go to class when i feel >> she started breast-feeding in the middle of production. >> reporter: mallory says she brought her infant daughter to class and breast-fed without covering up in front of 40 students. >> and how did it make you feel to see that? >> honestly, i think it would have been less of a big deal had she given us more forewarning, but i think everyone in the class bowed their heads in shock and all. >> reporter: professor wrote an online counter punch article saying the infant had a fever and cancelling class did not seem like an option. >> i don't think anyone in the class would have been too upset
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if the class was cancelled that day. >> reporter: pine said she thought to herse who cares? do university students need to be so mollycoddled? >> could you please tell her that we'd like to talk to her? maybe you could tell her to come, please? sh refused. in a written statement, a university spokesperson says au does not have a policy that specifically addresses breast-feeding. the university is guided by federal and d.c. law which do not prohibit or allow breast-feeding in certain environments. some students say the university should give the okay. >> i think women should be allowed to breast-feed in public. it's not something that's unnatural and it's not something that we should be ashamed of. >> now, the university does provide nursing mothers with private places to breast-feed here on campus. as for professor pine, she continues to teach and you can
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continue this discussion on our facebook page and as you will see, there are strong opinions on this issue. live here on au's campus, i'm shamari stone, news 4. >> chief meteorologist is going to let us know just how cool it's going to feel when you wake um. >> it's going to feel pretty cool out there. you get the nice cool nights and then the nice warm afternoons. down to 66 degrees out there right now. winds out of the southeast at about 5 miles per hour. temperatures already in the low 50s in some parts. 54 in winchester and in culpepper. right about the time the kids are sending off the buss, temperatures between 49 and 61. a cool start. yes, they'll need the jackets to start the day. but it won't be like that to end the day. i'll show you when you'll need
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the umbrellas. >> crime in prince george's county. flis said there were several break ins on saturday. the owner of this shell station tells me his business was targeted. crooks reportedly stole copper pipes damaging the ac unit which will cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix. >> a mother is in mourning tonight after her son was gunned down on his way to school. it happened as the teenager was walking to central high school in capital heights. right now, police don't have a motive. they don't have any suspects, either. richard jordan has the latest on the investigation. >> the 18-year-old was just heading off to school about a mile away walking down very busy central avenue. but the high school junior never made it to central high. his family in disbelief. these pictures now the only way to see him. ross's mother says her son dreamed of the spotlight, but he
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didn't want attention like this. >> i'm going to miss him dancing because he likes to perform for the family. even if you're not willing to look at him, he still -- he loves his pictures. my calvin was a good son. he was a good child. a and unfortunately, it had to come to this. >> reporter: tonight, police won't say why the teen was killed. meanwhile, the students and administrators at school stunned by the murder. >> this kid is one who has boundless potential. that he's going to be missed sorely and our entire community is grieving his loss. >> reporter: but nothing will bring her son back. we had been talking about him going to college. i'm not going to rest until i find out who killed my son and why. >> reporter: over a hundred differt messages on twitter and facebook expressing their shock and their grief.
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they are planning a candle light vigil thursday night. in capitol heights, richard jordan, news 4. >> there's still no agreement in that teacher's strike in chicago. the head of the teacher's union revealed they are still miles apart. they march through the streets from the district headquarters to the board of trade. 25,000 teachers walked off the jobl over things like health department care benefits. michael brown is heading into the november election with just $18,000 in his campaign coffers. today, the at-large member revealed someone stole more than $100,000 from his fund. brown says when he learned of the missing money, he fired his campaign treasurer. more than two dozen unexplained charges in that individual's name. >> the person who embezzled from the campaign was someone who had
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been working with me for more than half a decade. it's someone that i had extreme confidence in as well as many members of elected officials, not just here in the district of columbia, but in this region he worked for. >> brown says he doesn't know how the money was used. >> five people killed, nine others wounded. today, a judge sentenced the men behind the south capital street shooting. three of the suspects got life in prison without parole. another will serve 54 years. and the man who supplied the weapons got 30 years. >> are you satisfied with the sentence? >> not really, but, you know, he will not have a chance to be on the street again and they will be very old when they doo have a chance to come on the streets. >> prosecutors say all of the attacks stem from an argument over a missing fake diamond bracelet.
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>> tonight, tributes here and across the country to remember the heroes and victims of the september 11th attacks. one of the most visible is the two powerful beams shining in the new york skyline where the twin towers once stood. this is a live picture. the lights will remain on until sunrise wednesday morning. the lights are visible for miles. ♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ >> an honor guard presented the colors on market square and then a bell-ringing ceremony honored the victims. service also pays tribute to those in uniform who rushed to help without regard for their own lives. at the pentagon, a show of respect for the people who died there. visitors stopped by the memorial to reflect on the lives lost there. 184 benches stand at the site.
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each named after one of the victims killed inside the pentagon or on american airlines flight 77. earlier today, president obama and first lady placed a wreath at the memorial. the president also spoke to family members during this special service. >> on wall street, going to bed happier tonight. the dow closed at a five-year high. that's the highest closing level since december, 2007. expectations on europe's financial crisis and a federal reserve meeting tomorrow gave bank stocks a boost. apple stock briefly jumped to an all-time high of $670 a share. the company is wildly expected to debut the iphone 5. but investor confidence was shaky. >> next, crash and dash. a wild chase in south florida. while the men were on the run in the first place.
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>> how a local woman lost 85 pounds. she says she did it at star bucks. >> some major retailers getting
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breaking news out of prince william county. chopper 4 over the scene of a stabbing in woodbridge just minutes ago. police are telling us two men broke into a home off bellmawr drive, stabbed the homeowner and
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stole his car. police are looking for an older-model, white, buick regal sedan. this video shows the car swerving in and out of traffic before hitting the guardrail and then slaing into another car. three suspects inside making a run for it here. this happened off i-95 in florida. the men were arrested. police believe the trio may be connected to several burglaries in the area. >> more than 300 police officers are off the street ins montgomery county. inspections are being done to check out a potential steering problem. there have been two cases in which steering failed in a car. crown vics make up a third of the montgomery county fleet. they expect to complete the rest of the inspections. >> i-66 tomorrow, a change to the highway has drivers literally seeing red. that color is supposed to alert
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drivers using those part-time lanes. during rush hours, drivers are a l allowed to use the shoulder as an extra lane. some drivers cut in early. color changes are supposed to remind drivers to pay attention to when they can use the special lane. >> remember that guy jared who lost weight and gained fame eating at subway? the alexandri aurks woman lost 85 pounds by ealing three meals a day at starbucks. >> every coffee shop has its regulars. but 66-year-old christine hall calls this alexandria starbucks her second home. >> my favorite is this one. >> reporter: that would be because hall eats of her meals there. all of them. it's helped her to lose 85
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pounds in two years. >> losing weight hard. but i realize i can do it. . >> reporter: hall says she lost all of that weight by counting calories and starbucks puts nutrition information on their packaged foods. >> a lot of people look at the top shelf and think oh, it's nothing. but look down on the second shelf, there are really healthy choices. >> so she start her day with oatmeal and black coffee. lunch and dinner, a panini or a bistro box, depending on which kind. >> i get a ham and cheese panini and that's 340. if i go for a bike ride, i can come back and have a browny. >> we know about diets is they don't work in the long term. >> reporter: if hall isn't careful, she could suffer from
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mental nutrition. >> when you follow something that limits you to one particular restaurant, it's very difficult to be healthy and meet all of your nutrition needs. >> nothing hurts anymore. i used to attribute some of my aches and pains to ageing. i have no medical issues what so ever. i just feel like a kid again. >> christine hall says the other key to her weight loss success, a freed online calorie counting web site. that made it easy to track what she ate. but sure if this is an idea for you, be sure before you start any new weight loss plan. >> it's september, but several major retailers are already taking step to draw in those holiday shoppers. come on, dthey're dropping lay away fees. no minimum purchase required. toys are us using free lay away with no minimum purchase through the end of october.
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and walmart drops its lay away fee to $5 next week. >> what is this? a little drop in the temperature and we're talking about christmas shopping already? >> is there snow in the forecast? >> yeah, for the winter, there is. i think there could be some snow this winter. we'll talk about that when we get closer to winter. you know whaems we're not out of? tropical storm season. they did see some pretty good damage from this storm. about a half a million people without power. leslie is gone, michael is still out there. now, as of 11:00 tonight, we have tropical storm nadine. that, also in the atlantic, but
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that's going to stay well away from the united states. out there today, high temperature of 78 degrees. a low this morning of 57. you look at those numbers and say hey, that's a pretty nice day. it was the coolest morning since maid 15th and i think we'll be right back there during the mourning tomorrow. right now, it's 66 degrees. winds out of the southeast at 50 miles an hour. a little bit warmer along the river at 56 degrees down there along the chesapeake bay. as far as the radar is concerned, we've been showing you this the last couple of days. this is not going to change much. no way you talk about the eastern two-thirds of the nation, one big storm back towards the rockies. but for the rest of us, we are high and we are dry and plenty of high pressure over the area. that high pressure is going to be sitting here for the next few days bringing us nice weather with plenty of sunshine. not just through the day
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tomorrow, but through the day on thursday. that area of high pressure not moving very much. friday looks very similar and then we'll start to see things change just a little bit as we head into the weekend. all in all, not bad at all. this is where we'll start off tomorrow. once again, you'll probably need that jacket. 48 in culpepper and about 57 in through the district. that's why i am thinking, yeah, maybe some jacket weather tleert early. the lowest numbers could be rnd around 44, 57 with clear skies. i think around 8:00, 9:00, i think you'll be able to take that jacket off pretty quick. if you're heading out around 5:00, 7:00 a.m. u you might want to take the jacket with you. temperatures to about 82 degrees. it does not get much better than that unless you like thursdays better. thursdays will be 83. if you like that, how about friday? 82 on friday, a good afternoon
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to take an early evening off. it's just that nice. this weekend, a 30 pnt chance of showers. right now, most of us will remain dry this weekend. don't worry about that rain, the next best chance of rain will be tuesday. >> it looks wonderful. >> yeah. >> we're all covered. >> thank you. >> still ahead on news 4. deep discounts on high-end
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all right. those nats looking good once again. >> this is the 80th time we've been talking about this. some thought the rookie sensation bryce harper would get the nice off. all right, dickie, since dickie has owned him this season, harper 0 for 10. the strip, though, was flipped tonight as harper has his first four-head game as a new yorker. fans in new york remembering 9/11. an emotional day for everybody in new york city and d.c. zimmerman in some trouble but zim gets jason base swinging. six strike outs in the game for zimmerman. tied at one. more trouble for zim. knocks it right passed ia ian desmond. daniel murphy comes in to squoer. zimmerman goes fives innings and
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gives up two runs. top seventh, a front-row seat for this. tyler moore, another talented rookie with a two-run shot to left. the nationals take a 3-2 lead. in the nooirinth, it's the clos. tyler clipper coming in to seem the deal. and that's exactly what he does. save number 31 on the season. the nationals winl again, 5-3. their 88th win of the year. os hosting the rays and what a night at camden yards. that's a weather picture right there, camera. not so pretty for the rays. jj harding gets ahold 06 one. top four and some bad news. jason hamel lands a bad one. here's the thing, he had surgery
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on that knee july 15th. the orioles go onto win 9-1. but they can ill-afford another injury. and, finally, one of the most fantastic pieces of audio i have heard in a while. dallas radio show host shawn shariffe, an intern here with george michael back in the day had cowboys owner jerry jones on the show. and shariffe, who is an avid red skins fan, had a little fun with him. >> what do you think, jerry? isn't that justifiable for one day? >> well, let me just say this. you've lived up to your expectatio expectations. >> he just called you an id yoet.
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>> he is an idiot. >> what was that? >> he's an actual radio show host down there. he's a big time red skins fan. he used to work here for 106.7 the fan. and he apparently does not hide his ali jenlegiance for the reds down there in dallas. >> i'm sure jerry mieblgt have
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local shoppers found a really good reason to add some designer pieces to their fall
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wardrobe. they flaunted to friendship heights. the 20-year event from dozens of local boutiques from all in one place. and they sell at discounted prices. but that's not even the best part. the sale has raised more than $260,000 from local charities since 2006. it's kind of competitive in there, though, doesn't it? >> i was trying to height around the big pillar will. . >> not
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